Junior High Band
Miscellaneous Forms

Disclosure Document - Jazz Band

    A jazz band is a band with the standard Big Band instrumentation, i.e., saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section. The jazz band rehearses and performs jazz, rock, pop, and Latin music. Admittance is by audition and approval of the director. The class meets Mondays and Thursdays and every other Friday at 7:15 am. The students receive a grade and 1/2 credit for one year of participation.
    The students are expected to cooperate and behave as adults. Each student’s minimum responsibility to the group is to perfect his part. Each student is also required to be concurrently enrolled in Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, or Guitar.
    Grades are based on attendance and participation in rehearsals, concerts, and festivals. A student’s grade in his other band class is 20% of his Jazz Band grade. Every unexcused absence that is not made up lowers the grade 5%. Every unexcused tardy that is not made up lowers the grade 2% (see attendance policy for make up procedures.) The following grade scale is used: 91-100 = A, 81-90 = A-, 71-80 = B+, 61-70 = B, 51- 60 = B-, 41-50 = C+, 31-40 = C, 21-30 = C-, 16-20 = D+, 11-15 = D, 6-10 = D-, 0-5 = F.
    In accordance with district policy, all missed rehearsals must be made up. Being present at the next four rehearsals will make up one absence. Punctuality is critical to the success of the group. Being on time to the next four rehearsals will make up one tardy.
    The school discipline plan (Assertive Discipline) is used in all band classes. The rules are as follows:
    • Play only when directed.
    • Respect property rights.
    • Follow Directions.
    • Be polite.
    • Don’t eat gum or candy.
    All students using district owned instruments are required to pay a $70 usage fee. Drummers who own their own drum sets or percussion kits pay a reduced fee of $40 to use the other percussion instruments. Students who wish to use a band locker are issued a combination lock. If the lock is not returned at the end of the year, they will be charged a $5 replacement fee.

Video Disclaimer

The attached videos are not perfect examples of how each tune should be played. They are recordings of junior high students, some of whom have had their instruments for only a few months. Also, they are not professional recordings. They were taken by band parents using home equipment and naturally focusing on their own children.

I include them for two reasons: (1) To give you an idea of what the arrangements are like, and (2) To illustrate the kind of performance you can expect from your junior high students.