Junior High Band
Miscellaneous Forms

Use Tardy Slips

In our school if a teacher caused a student to be late to another class the teacher was to give the student a note and the tardy would be excused. It happened so often and it took so much time to write the notes that I put together a generic note with blanks for the student’s name, the date, the time he left band, and my signature. It was very helpful.

You can download a Microsoft Excel version of this form HERE

Tardy Slip

Video Disclaimer

The attached videos are not perfect examples of how each tune should be played. They are recordings of junior high students, some of whom have had their instruments for only a few months. Also, they are not professional recordings. They were taken by band parents using home equipment and naturally focusing on their own children.

I include them for two reasons: (1) To give you an idea of what the arrangements are like, and (2) To illustrate the kind of performance you can expect from your junior high students.